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Meet Stacy

I was born and raised in Nashville.  Some of my earliest memories were telling anyone who would listen that I was going to own a business someday.  I never dreamed it would be a hair salon.  Going to cosmetology school was a backup plan for me.  At 18 I was not sure what direction I should go in life.  A friend who was passionate about this industry convinced me that I could build an amazing career with a cosmetology license.  I dove right in.  It was a solid backup plan while I figured out what my true calling was.  

The friend was right!  I did find much success.  But I also found that there was nothing my heart wanted more than the connections I had made with the beautiful souls who sat in my chair every day.  I found my true calling in my back up plan.  

It is getting very close to the 3-decade mark since the conversation that led to my entry into the world of beauty.  I have developed a significant amount of skill with a pair of cutting sheers and a color brush.  I am a confident hairstylist.  But what sets me apart is not my skill level, it is my commitment to continuing to improve.  

I have morphed my love of this industry and my love of people into a salon that builds both. At Spitfire Salon, I am growing hairstylists.  Through an associate program and an enormous amount to continuing education, I am coaching and mentoring the next generation of hairstylists to enjoy the rewarding career this industry offers, one that I am blessed to still enjoy. 

I love meeting new people!  During some seasons it may be difficult for a new guest to be booked onto my schedule in a reasonable amount of time.  However, I would be more than happy to consult and allow one of my talented team members to complete the look we come up with for you. Contact our front desk staff at

615-786-9786 to set up a complementary consultation.  I can’t wait to meet you! 

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