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Clean or Dirty?

I bet you have heard time and time again that it is better to come to your stylist with dirty hair because the color will take better? Right? Well, we are about to blow your mind!  It is in fact NOT better for your hair to be dirty at the time of your appointment! Can you believe the past 50 years you have been technically told a rumor? Now you are probably wanting to know why this isn’t true. Let’s do a little educating!

The way hair color works is by opening the outer layer of your hair strand called the cuticle layer and pushing artificial color molecules into the inner layer called the cortex. There are a few chemical processes going on here and if there is mineral or product buildup present, it changes the game a bit.

When we apply color to your three day dirty hair, the color is trying to fight through all of the oils and buildup which can affect the way it processes. It will also come out looking spotty because it will take better in certain areas and not in others! When getting a root touch up it is always best to wash your hair the night before and not apply many products! Overnight hair will allow a little oil to create and will prevent your scalp from overstimulation so you are more comfortable during your appointment.

When getting highlights, it is a DEFINITE MUST that you wash your hair the day of or night before! Lightener has an even harder time than color trying to fight through anything on your scalp or ends! Knowing these little tricks will help not only your stylist to give you the best results, but will allow you to walk out feeling like a complete bombshell!

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