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Extensions: Commit or Don't Commit?

You are probably wondering what the heck we are talking about? Well, EXTENSIONS of course! I bet you didn’t even know we offered that service here? We do, and they are amazing! Hothead Extensions are tape-in that feel so natural and light weight! We are going to give you some reasons why they will change your life! We will address all your concerns and you’ll never know what hit you! If you are convinced after this, make an appointment for a consultation with us. We'll provide all the necessary information on pricing and if this would be the best option for you!


Hello? This is always the main reason we suggest getting extensions! Are you envious of all the women with the thick, luscious hair that you just can’t seem to grow? Well, stop fretting over what they have and get your hair looking the same! They add the length you’ve always been wanting without having to wait years for it to grow! Also, have you ever had a bad cut that you have no idea how to hide? EXTENSIONS is always the answer! We can add natural layers within the HotHeads to hide any unwanted lines you may have not exactly asked for when getting your last cut! The other advantage to length is that you get to decide what it will look like! Maybe you want mermaid locks, or just a couple inches added. It is all in your hands how your hair will look!


Have you been thinking about trying out the new Balayage trend  but don’t want to damage your hair with highlights? The perfect thing about the HotHead extensions is that they come in all sorts of colors. Whether you’re wanting a pretty blonde or even a few red low lights. There are so many options! Do you have a daughter wanting funky colors like purple or blue? Don’t let her make a permanent mistake. Let her add a few pieces in with the extensions to give her options! This allows you to switch between colors without all the damage!


Alright, if length and color were not enough to convince you, then how about all the braids? We shorties cannot braid or even have a fun updo without length! Extensions will give you the versatility to be able to wear many different styles! Pony tails are in BIG time right now and no one likes a stubby pony! Having length with extensions makes doing any kind of style that much easier!


Last, but not least, volume! If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, we understand it can be a hit to your confidence. Adding in hair will give you back your thick hair you used to have, or always wanted! It allows you to quit teasing to high heavens, and look more natural! The best part about this is when you wake up there is no effort to be put in. You already have the volume you need to rule the day! When you look good, you feel good and that is an amazing thing! Gain some confidence by giving yourself the options to switch up your look!

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